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An image that’s being taken with the help of Camera; a technical definition of the photograph, we can say, right? But if you ask me, I would like to put it in a slightly simpler manner; A photograph is a moment. A place where you create memories. The place where you would want to visit whenever you want to relive the moment that happened. For some, they are just images where people looking beautiful gather together—while for some, they are stories. Stories that connect them with the fact of their existence as a human being. We believe: Your job is to create moments and our job is to turn those beautiful moments into stories.

Khurana Filmography is a team of professional photographers & cinematographers. Our team comprises highly well-skilled people that capture our client’s high-resolution photographs. We are fully equipped with professional cameras with lens kits, Full-frame cameras, high-end multi lenses, Gimbal, Drone for an aerial shoot, professional lighting setups, single shooter and multi shooter options, and many more. We have experience of shooting all types of professional photography that includes Commercial photography, Event photography, Wedding photography, etc.

A photograph is a moment. A place where you create memories. 


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