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Why to hire Aerial Photographer and Videographer experts?

We understand why it is important to hire a professional photographer for an event to cover aerial videography. And; we also know the point of your worry especially if you deal in real estate and have opened a new restaurant, corporate building, wedding venue, clubs, educational institutes and many more. We are well aware of the fact of how valuable it is to promote your business. But worry not, Khurana Filmography is always available at your service and have a great experience in aerial photography and videography using drones. 

Bird Eye View
As you may have heard Aerial Photography consists of a technique of controlling powerful drones. Our aerial videographers and photographers operate the Drone from the ground to an elevated point to get the bird eye view. It makes a good look of the bride and groom, or a corporate building or to showcase the entire campus of an educational institute when captured from a fixed height. It gives us the perfect looking grace to the pictures of the newly-weds, their family members, the venue as well as the entire aerial view of the building and property.


  • Wedding & pre-wedding aerial photography: In many cases, we have to cover the love between the couples as well as the scenery they’ve decided to shoot their pre wedding and wedding. In such conditions, our highly qualified photographers use drones to record those special moments along with the body language of the couples.  

  • Architecture and Real Estate Aerial Videography and Photography:. We cover all the sky view of high rise commercial or residential buildings, resorts and hotels, villas, havelis, houseboats and hospitals through aerial film-making whenever someone wants to promote their business through its architectural design or to showcase their brand value. Whenever a new hotel, resort or hospital is opened they want others to know about the size, luxury and occupancy strength. That’s where they hire us.

  • Educational Institution Aerial photography: We cover all the exterior parts of an educational institution’s campus through aerial photography. Whenever a new college or school is opened they want others to know about the size and occupancy of the college.  We have worked on capturing educational institutes aerial photography. 


Instantaneous view:

With the help of aerial photographs, we can observe the static views of the venue. Our team that comprises the best videographers and photographers in India showcase their patience level until they record the special moment needed. 

Spectral range capture ability:

A human eye is capable of viewing the objects in the spectral range of 0.4 to 0.7 micrometers. However, photographers at Khurana Filmography believe to attain even the tiniest detail of your event. With the help of sensors, aerial film-makers are capable of recording the objects in the range of 0.3 to 0.9 meters, our best photographers are capable of recording a variety of details. 

Large Area capturing capacity

: We are equipped with high-resolution Drones that are capable of covering or recording the large area in a camera. With this, a high-resolution photograph and video will be easier to achieve as well as recording numerous details. 

 Best Aerial Photography & Videography Agency in Delhi | India

Ever wondered how they get the best aerial pictures? How can I promote my newly designed building?” or “The venue you have hired to organize your wedding?”

These questions can always pop up in anyone’s mind and it's natural. People are concerned about their special wedding event photography & videography, Professional corporate videography, real estate videography & photography, and many more. And we can understand their worries.
At Khurana Filmography; we offer a wide variety of services to cover in Aerial Videography and Photography. Our talented film-makers & photographers have amazing ability to convert even a simple looking place into exciting through aerial filming skill and high end gadgets. 


What We Offer

  • Wedding and Prewedding Aerial Films

  • Corporate Aerial Photography & Videography

  • Real Estate Aerial Photography &

  • Videography

  • Architectural Filmography

  • Aerial Videography & Film-making

  • Commercial Cinematography and

  • Videography

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