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Black & White Photography

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls!”  by Ted Grant

Magic is everywhere if you look around everything has some sort of magical moments in it. Similar is the case with Black and White photography, it is not just about the beauty of it but also the timeless wonders it portrays through it. The different lighting contrasts bring a Black and White photograph to life. Whether you look at our past or present, Black and white photography has always been famous but with the growth of modern technology, various photo-editing apps, the trend has returned with more effect. People have now started understanding the value of Black and White photos because it expresses a new perspective and pureness of it.

“With Black and White photography, what you have to say counts more than the way you say it”. 

by Gian Marco Marano

After covering more than 100 wedding cinematography events, Portrait photography of various celebrities, we have come to an understanding that it's not always the colors that define the aura of a person through photography. It is the soul that puts life in a photograph. To bring the essence of a person in the photograph we always go extra miles for it. 

Khurana filmography’s core belief is to find the reality of a photograph through Black and White photography. A true and best photographer will never only focus on colors rather on the person, his emotions and his spark through the photograph. Our team has experienced best photographers in India that know how to capture that one specific moment in the photograph. 
Black and white photography has played an important part in Khurana Filmography. We believe; people do not always want to look at colors, sometimes they want to look right at the soul. That’s what we do here. A strong determination of bringing out the best results for our clients, we have widely covered photographs in Black and White. We have covered Black and White photoshoot in Delhi NCR and well as in around the whole country. We work on every single angle of a person to click that one picture which will portray the feelings through Black and White photography. 

What we keep in mind while covering Black and White Photography:

  • Inspiration-Driven Photography: It's an obvious point that most of the photographers forget to do while capturing the Black and White photographs. However, at Khurana Filmography our experienced photographers never skip the inspiration that a particular person, thing or moments speaks through it.

  • Emphasize the contrast: Black and White photography is all about playing with only Black, White and the shades in-between. Hence our team of storytelling photographers always takes care of the contrast in the photos.

  • Exposure: Khurana Filmography believes to add dramatic effects in Black and White photography. To do that our amazing photographers always experiment with exposure to give the most auspicious results.

  • Highly Equipped modern Cameras to experiment with Filters: We never hesitate to put extra effort into the perfect output. Our professional photographers always control the light entering our cameras to never miss a single one-time timeless photo.


Black and White photography is more about telling a story, highlighting a subject and expressing emotions without distracting the colors in it. The power of the Black and White photos can be understood by its timelessness. You cannot tell just by looking at it whether 10 years old or 100 years. Black and White photography makes you feel several different emotions such as bleakness, happiness or awe, that a color photo may not show. 


What We Offer

  • Wedding Black and White Photography

  • Portrait Black and White Photography

  • Travel Black and White Photography

  • Street Black and White Photography

  • Lifestyle Black and White Photography

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