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High Fashion Photographers in Delhi, Gurgaon

Fashion is an essential part of our life. Over time, fashion has taken a special place in almost everyone’s life whether you’re a simple working person, a housewife, or an introvert. It has reached every nook and corner of the world now. But what makes it more lively? And why do people tempt to become fashionable? The answer is quite simple Fashion Photography.

What Can We do?

Before diving deep in this wide never-ending world of fashion, let’s first know the types of fashion photography and the place where you can find the best fashion photographers in India. There are mainly four types of fashion photography, Catalog photography, High fashion photography, Street fashion photography and Editorial photography.

Catalog photographers are mainly focused on selling clothes, accessories or any fashion outfit. Unlike product photography Catalog photographers have to keep the focus on clothes or accessories rather than models. Our team of experts and best photographers tackle the challenge that comes in the way of Catalog photography and that is to keep the entire focus on the clothes, or accessories the model is wearing. High Fashion Photography is related to people and is frequent in magazines or newspapers. The most important step in High fashion photography is to get a flawless image. Thankfully, you have the problem solved at Khurana Filmography. Our team of professional high fashion photographers takes special care regarding location, lighting, models, wardrobe, etc. We also have the dedicated team of members with our makeup artists and hairstylists. Street Fashion Photography is also known as urban fashion. The photographer has to turn every view of the model into glamorous, eye-catching and unique. This photography not necessarily deals with the type of clothes people wear but also their expressions, their confidence, even light and their style of wearing clothes. Therefore, Khurana filmography’s talented photographers never miss a single chance of missing the tiny details in their photography. Editorial Fashion Photography: A photographer in this has to tell a story in it. You can easily find this type of photography in magazines and newspapers. The photographer’s job here is to create a moment that creates a story. The images can involve one brand or more than that depending on the requirements.

We understand the meaning of fashion in your life and its role. Therefore, we work day and night to ensure quality services. Our top fashion photographers are experienced in the film industry as well and have done a model photoshoot with celebrities, some of them are the comedian Kapil Sharma, Debolina and many more. Khurana Filmography offers you wide range services and top fashion photographers in Delhi.

What We Offer

  • Portrait Photography 

  • Model Photoshoot

  • Outdoor Fashion Photography

  • High Fashion Photography

  • Street Fashion Photography

  • Jewelry Model Photography

  • Portfolio Photoshoot

  • Plus Size Model Photoshoot

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