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Pre-Wedding Photography

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Delhi/NCR.

Prewedding, if you may ask its importance in the couple's life, words may get short for its explanation. Every couple has their story to tell. Every couple has their way of portraying emotions, and lastly, every couple wants to make things memorable. Surprisingly enough, apart from the happiness of getting married—prewedding brings lots of memories, unforgettable time together, and chemistry along with it.

Just like its importance in a couple's life, it also becomes confusing for some. Many people waste time only to end up not getting satisfied with the photos or videography they get. We don't want that for you. 

Khurana Filmography is a house of talented and best photographers in India who believes the Prewedding shoot must be unique and memorable. Our team of professional photographers helps and supports couples in every aspect. We have covered several prewedding shoots, and during our time with our clients, we felt a few things almost in every couple. 

6 Reasons why you should do a prewedding photoshoot with Khurana Filmography

Eliminating the camera nerves
No matter how bold the bride or groom shows them to be in front of the camera, they are nervous. Some quickly become concerned about their looks while others fail to show their natural emotions because of the people with cameras surrounding them. That's why we make sure—it won't happen with our clients. Our team of best photographers do not only focus on work but also on making our client comfortable. Comfortability brings genuine emotions. 

Reception slideshow
We provide the best prewedding photographs of the couples to use it in their reception slideshow presentation. 

Expert Makeup artists

In Khurana Filmography, you don't have to worry about a thing. We have our team of expert makeup artists who stays with the team 24/7. Our team looks after every angle of the couples' makeup, including hairstyles, and make sure to do the finishing touch before they pose in front of the cameras.

A guestbook 
Our professional photographers create a personalized signature guest book with images of your prewedding shoot. We work with our couples to create a stunning hard-cover photo guestbook.

Images for wall art
One of the benefits of the prewedding shoot is to have the advantage of displaying the mixture of prewedding photos on the wall. 

Candid pictures 

It's lovely to look into each other's eyes and get captured in the frame right at that moment. As prewedding shoot experts, we always ask our couples to stay calm and talk with each other. Sometimes the couples are unaware of the fact that they are being photographed, and when we show them those photos, they get surprised to see the beauty in the pictures.


What We Offer

  • Candid Wedding Photography

  • Bridal Candid Photoshoot

  • Wedding  Films & Cinematography

  • Couple Photoshoot

  • Storytelling Wedding Photography

  • Destination Wedding Photography

  • Engagement Photography

  • Pre-Wedding Photography

  • Post Wedding Photography

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