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Best Wedding Storytelling Videographers in Delhi NCR

We understand the importance of your wedding day and the emotions associated with it. We also know what role wedding videography is going to play in your life. Therefore, to understand the significance of your emotions, we believe in creating videos by taking a cinematic approach. The wedding videos created by us have always contained an emotionally engaging and personal story. We deliver the entire file in a portable hard drive along with the entire day’s raw uncut footage.We have different packages that couples can choose for their wedding cinematography.

What Can We do?

  • Cinematic Short FilmIn this package, our best wedding photographers concentrate on capturing the auspicious moments with the unique details of your unforgettable day. Our technical professional team of best wedding videographer editors handpicks the special events from your full wedding day. Beautiful shots, Key events, Social-gathering of family members from mehndi, shagun to your venue, your home and is put together in a 4-6 minute creative cinematic film. The 4-6 minute film shows our detailed approach to filming by our best storytelling wedding photographers.

  • Feature FilmThis package is based on our client’s requirements. In this, we offer a 10 minute to a 15-minute feature film. It includes more content from your wedding day. Feature film builds on the short film by digging deeper into your wedding day. 

  • Documentary: This file will have all the important memories of your special day. We usually make a 40-minute long documentary but on a couple’s special demand, it can be increased. In the documentary, you’ll have every moment from haldi, mehndi, shagun, wedding events, etc This film will be like a home for you where you would love to visit to relive those moments

Why Us?

The right question should be why not? Khurana Filmography is the only house that offers more than we give in our packages. For us, customer happiness is always the priority. We have some exciting facilities and offers that are needed for the clients but are not given by other photo studios. This makes us different and unique from others.

  • Bride’s look - Our top priority!


If there is anyone who is more stressed about the wedding, it is the bride and her family. From shopping to organizing the venue, from inviting guests to arranging them in the rented houses, from taking care of the decorations to catering services, everything is dependent on Bride’s family plus the dignity they have to maintain until the end of the event. It is not easy—it is very stressful. A bride has a lot to sacrifice on her wedding day, if on that special day—she ends up having bad photos? You can’t even imagine the overstress she would face. 

Imagine after taking months of search through online portals or various markets, she decided to choose the best Lehenga to wear. Now when the special day arrives all a bride wants is to have the perfect looking photographs in return. Because that’s why she made all those efforts. That’s what our wedding photographers do. We specially take care of the fact to capture her look in such a natural manner that her lehenga, her makeup, her jewelry - everything just looks perfect. Our high skilled resolution digital cameras capture the natural bride look without spoiling the color contrast of the Lehenga or jewelry or her makeup.


  • Live streaming on Facebook or other social media platforms

Sometimes some of your special friends might not be able to come to your wedding day. But since they are special they want to be part of it. Now how can they be when they are living far away? Very simple. Through us.

For that special friend, we have a special program where we upload those photos on your Facebook profile. Let’s say a bride enters into the hall, the photo will be clicked and automatically uploaded on your Facebook profile with a descriptive caption about the event that just happened.  We have uploaded more than hundreds of photos of our clients on their Facebook feed for their friends who couldn’t come. This way those friends become up to date with the events going on. The best part of this live feed facility is, your friends can connect on Facebook live. 

  • Surprise-filled gifts for all our clients.

Khurana Filmography believes in creating relationships rather than a business. We treat every client as our family. Every couple is being gifted by our house on their anniversaries or special events. Some testimonials are:

“It was unbelievable, we received an amazing-colorful bouquet from Khurana Filmography with our special wedding photos in an album on our first holi event. They specially delivered it for us”.

What We Offer

  • Wedding Videography & Cinematography

  • Pre Wedding Cinematography

  • Post-wedding Cinematography

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